Scene in kdrama can happen IRL

Recently I watched a kdrama and I wondered what would the actor gain from repeatedly dreaming of an incident tat he had back when he was about 8yrs old? The drama showed him having more detail flashbacks in his dreams. Sometimes ppl would say, well it's just a show.. it's not real.. it won't happen irl.

Well, it just happened to me. I had a dream and in this dream, someone returned me my belongings by throwing them on the ground in random public place. I was rather calm, slowly picking them up one by one. Then I picked up a medium size doctor bag in diamond embossed floral pink fabric, not knowing what was contained inside.

The moment I woke up, I knew what the bag was. A bag tat I have forgotten at least for the past 15 yrs. It was a bag I used to contain my sewing kit and stuffs for nearly a decade back then. I do not know why this bag appeared in my dream. I also realised since I have more time to sleep now, I have alot more dreams than usual..At least 3 dreams in a roll, sometimes more when the dreams appear to be shorter.

So this particular dream just blown my mind... Never will I doubt about the scenes in kdrama anymore...

Acceptance, Rejection, Exclusion

Aug. 13, 2011 — For proof that rejection, exclusion, and acceptance are central to our lives, look no farther than the living room, says Nathan Dewall, a psychologist at the University of Kentucky. "If you turn on the television set, and watch any reality TV program, most of them are about rejection and acceptance," he says. The reason, DeWall says, is that acceptance -- in romantic relationships, from friends, even from strangers -- is absolutely fundamental to humans.
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In a new paper published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, DeWall and coauthor Brad J. Bushman of Ohio State University review recent psychological research on social acceptance and rejection. "Although psychologists have been interested in close relationships and what happens when those relationships go awry for a very long time, it's only been about 15 yrs that psychologists have been doing this work on exclusion and rejection," DeWall says. The results have highlighted how central acceptance is to our lives.
DeWall thinks belonging to a group was probably helpful to our ancestors. We have weak claws, little fur, and long childhoods; living in a group helped early humans survive harsh environments. Because of that, being part of a group still helps people feel safe and protected, even when walls and clothing have made it easier for one man to be an island entire of himself.
But acceptance has an evil twin: rejection. Being rejected is bad for your health. "People who feel isolated and lonely and excluded tend to have poor physical health," DeWall says. They don't sleep well, their immune systems sputter, and they even tend to die sooner than people who are surrounded by others who care about them.
Being excluded is also associated with poor mental health, and exclusion and mental health problems can join together in a destructive loop. People with depression may face exclusion more often because of the symptoms of their disorder -- and being rejected makes them more depressed, DeWall says. People with social anxiety navigate their world constantly worried about being socially rejected. A feeling of exclusion can also contribute to suicide.
Exclusion isn't just a problem for the person who suffers it, either; it can disrupt society at large, DeWall says. People who have been excluded often lash out against others. In experiments, they give people much more hot sauce than they can stand, blast strangers with intense noise, and give destructive evaluations of prospective job candidates. Rejection can even contribute to violence. An analysis of 15 school shooters found that all but two had been socially rejected.
It's important to know how to cope with rejection. First of all, "We should assume that everyone is going to experience rejection on a semi-regular basis throughout their life," DeWall says. It's impossible to go through your entire life with everyone being nice to you all the time. When you are rejected or excluded, he says, the best way to deal with it is to seek out other sources of friendship or acceptance. "A lot of times, people keep these things to themselves because they're embarrassed or they don't think it's that big of a deal," he says. But our bodies respond to rejection like they do to physical pain; the pain should be taken seriously, and it's fine to seek out support. "When people feel lonely, or when people feel excluded or rejected, these are things they can talk about," he says.

I agree with the rejection is like physical pain. That's what I feel or everyone else feels too when someone else rejects your idea, your opinion, or even you as a person.
Acceptance is a good way to turn that feeling around. I'll seek for that feeling from family and friends when I felt rejected.
At times, it's still the best way to get acceptance from that same person who rejected you. Don't you agree? Otherwise, I will keep thinking back of how I got rejected by this person, well maybe not just one person.. So this feeling DO accumulates. Hmm..
I wondered if I had ever rejected people in some way that make them feel pain on the inside.. If that person can tell me now, I would gladly accept him/her and tell them it is alright now.. *pats pats*
Or... Perhaps I won't? Depends...

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A Lee Gwangsoo dream

Probably yesterday I was watching running man and laughing too much, so I dreamt of Lee Gwangsoo yesterday night? It felt like I'm still dreaming this morning when I'm about to wake up. Because I tossed and turned in my bed and I kinda saw the room is bright. I returned to sleep and the dream continues.

Well the dream wasn't much. I dreamt that I kinda knew him at a... Party? In a small room with long tables and some chairs.. Doesn't look grand nor does it look like its a party at all. Hmm :/
Anyhoo, I was talking to him and then asked him some questions about how his life nowadays, how's his acting in the drama goes.. I don't seem like I know any of his dramas but I feel like I want to kpo and ask him. Lolx~
Then he replied and asked me which character I'm referring to is it 'X' or 'Y', I was like uh.... X? (See, kpo 的下场)
After some talking, he bite half of a fishball from a stick and told me he need to go off to his hotel, gave me the stick and I just sat there looking silly holding a half eaten fishball stick. (0.o)
I was like waiting, waiting, waiting for him to come back but he didnt. Then I just threw the stick away and I went to find a washroom (cos I suddenly felt an urgency to go!)....
And then I woke up. And I REALLY WANT to go to the toilet! Lolx!!~

Wat a silly dream! But in that dream I kinda feel he's rather good looking! (Actually in real life he is sometimes good looking sometimes ugly. But overall still ok, pretty good to my eyes. lolx~) And he's sitting down most of the time so I didn't really get to feel how tall he is in my dream.
Oh well, I think every week I can try watching RM before I sleep and see if I can dream of all the RM members! Wahaha~ been slightly stressed lately cos I think too much when I got nothing much to do (so free yet so stress! WTH!), so a nice yet silly dream kind of perk me up a little yah? ^_^ if it happens every week I'll be happy happy happy!
Simple things like nice dreams pleasures me~

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Saw a harsh comment by someone A about someone B.
I guess I can understand why A feels so angry about B. I had same experiences before and I can feel her. Though at the moment when I read A's comment I felt that she's not right to shame B infront of everyone, but after much thoughts... I think I might have also done the same thing too to people last time.
I built my own bizness and through the years I managed to get myself a rather good (or at least I think it was) reputation so I wouldn't want anything else besides my own doing to ruin it. However some would try to use my ideas or buy over from my suppliers or ride on my brand name to sell stuffs for themselves. When I get to know about it, I felt so pissed off, went investigating the matter and put the end to it. And even ended up making people cry and feeling upset.
To be frank I didn't want it to be that way, I'm just angry of people doing things they thought was right and taking advantage of my shop's reputation while not knowing how difficult it was for me to build all these up alone.
Oh well all were the past now. Perhaps I had scarred someone's heart somewhere at that time due to these kind of incidents.. Life still goes on, we learn from mistakes and we learn from other people's mistakes as well.

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I'm always lazy. But I think I learnt to become smarter than some people because I want to get the shortest, simplest route out of everything AND get the same results. Lolx~
And so... being the lazy me (& kiasu me) I kinda 'invented' a new method of cheating by writing answers on foolscap paper the day before tests, by using the MICRO-LIGHT writing method using mechanical pencil with leads that's in lightest possible shade. Its super tiny and light and if view from a certain distance, you can't even see the writings on the paper. Unless you are super close like 10-15cm away from the paper.
Uhhh.. i know i shouldn't say this but well.. this was already like 20 years ago thing? Lolx~ And i guess nowadays everyone do tests on computers and not on foolscap papers anymore yah? Like what Ryan Higa says, I'm not trying to get everyone to cheat, UNLESS you are lazy AND smart. Otherwise DON'T CHEAT. Lolx!~
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Wow its been 2 years

I had no idea that my last post was 2 years ago (To be exact, 2 years and 4 months)? lolx~ For the past 2 years since I worked in a community club, i had been super duper busy. Busier than a wonder woman who fights crime.
I kinda missed blogging about my life and some nonsense in here... hahhax~ I feel so FREE again to be able to blog here at livejournal where nobody(?) reads it. Unlike what I am now doing, blogging fashion & beauty stuffs at miwitch.blogspot.com (recently moved from miwitch.onsugar.com), its pretty stress when I have too many backlogs to post (kekex~). If you interested, do go click the link! ^_^ Oh yah and miwitch.com is still working! Just that it had become a main domain to link to my beauty blog miwitch.blogspot.com

I'm here also to apologize to all those people who are still coming to my website to shop for sub-culture fashion clothes. I had stopped running the business about 3 years ago since I got so busy with work. I could not reply to some of you as the emails keep coming in and I keep apologizing to everyone.. so somehow I began to ignore the commission requests emails instead of replying them... so so sorry...
*sigh* >,<
But now, I seldom get those emails already.. only probably once a few months..

Anyhoo, tho I stopped doing business, I still like japanese sub-culture fashion and also like other kinds of fashion such as the seapunk fashion, pastel rainbow fashion... I know these kind of dress styles also appear in japanese sub-culture trends but it kinda look different from the western trends. I like both though, I even hope to have both combined if I have the money to get the clothes... and the look to dress in them. lolx~

Its been 3-4 years now since I stopped dressing in sub-culture clothings, I found out that I AGED. (OMG i hate that word..)
I don't look as young as before so the courage to wear the clothes went away with my youth too. I still WANT to dress up like last time, but I will need friends to do it with me otherwise I'll just wear it at events and changed back to normal clothings when I go home. hahhax~

Ok well, that's all for today's ramblings. I hope I can come back soon to blog about my life and the nonsense again! ^_^ ♥

Dreams that I forgotten and it came back...

It seems that I often woke up with dreams still vivid in my mind but after few minutes I could totally forgot about it. It happened to almost all of my dreams.. hmm =\

But of cos, I dun dream everyday otherwise I'll feel so restless during work.. Everytime I dreamt, I felt that my mind is working even though I'm sleeping, so when I woke up in the day, i feel that my brain is so tired, doesn't feel like working no matter how much coffee I drank. =_="

Yesterday I dreamt a long dream... (The day that I slept till 4pm) I know its very long and the storyline was juicy, but I just couldn't recall until today!! But i only remembered parts of it. Here goes...


I'm in a high class hotel function room, talking to a man who is very secretive... He's talking and hiding something from me. I felt that I wanted to figure something out from his conversation but couldn't.
Next scene, I saw him doing something suspiciously in one of the hotel room... did something to his daughter.. but i couldn't make out what actually happened (I meant that I'd forgotten about this part, but I know that in my dream, I saw and remembered what he was doing).

And then, I was a big boss of the gangster world. It felt great.. I was kinda wearing long furry cape that reached down to the floor in red and blacks and I felt that I'm overly dressup but it was good because I'm the big lady boss! hahax!~ I walked with wind. I was together with a bunch of big bosses walking infront of me to a gangster meeting and a few guards wearing black shades & suits were standing around looking at us with heads bowed and apparently, they were all bald.. o_O" 

One of the guard told me something like he didn't expected me to be the lady boss, he thought I was just a normal woman. He was awed. So I kinda guessed that I might had been wearing normal clothes during my investigation of that secret, met this guard who didn't know about me... and then BOOMX, I appeared infront of him as lady boss who he's serving!  (^_^" kinda lame... but it felt shiok! Muahahx~)

The meeting with the other male bosses (I think I'm the only lady boss there) were held in the same hotel, but we're just standing at the lobby talking to each other... I think we were all after 1 thing (I forgotten what it was! urgh!), we were discussing about that thing and mentioned about the secretive man whom I met.

Then, I appeared to KNOW the secret and I'm moving towards one of the hotel room, with the bunch of bosses behind me and I kinda put my hand into this cabinet and took out something.. (WHAT IS IT!?!?!) I felt so excited about it, I knew! 

Suddenly next scene, I was RUNNING! At VERY VERY FAST SPEED! I'm running on the road with all the ground level shops & stores flashing past my right view, so fast that I couldn't even SEE the stores apparently! It felt that I had some super natural power and I'm running to chase someone or was it that I'm being chased? Was I running to chase the man holding the thing or was it me being chased because I was holding it? (I had totally lost this part =_=") My heart was racing while I ran in top speed on the road.


And yah, that's all I could remember... SIAN RIGHT??!!! Something so secretive, so exciting and my brain just couldn't remember all of it. *headdesk*

Sometimes I wish there is this gadget where it can record dreams and can playback when you want to watch them.

Dreams are good in a way that they are always very creative, interesting and often out of this world could imagine.
You will never be able to THINK of something as creative as like what your dream could make up. Don't you agree? ^_^

I bet all script/book writers would want to sleep on their job so that their dreams could provide them the best storyline ever! kekekexx~

Do tell me about your dreams! I like when the dreams appeared to be like some drama movie thingy.. =D Its so exciting!

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For the Vote!~ (GYARU GIRLS COMPETITION by Shoponblog)

Shinya Interview

I had..... Temporomandibular Joint Disorders & my experience to Raffles Dental

On Tuesday (3 Aug) morning, I woke up and yawn... Found out that my mouth couldn't open wide! Immediately I know what was the problem...

About 5 years back my right face was slammed against a shelving when I had too much fun playing around. My jaw became a little loose since then. When I open my jaw widely, it has clicking sound. Once in a bluemoon, my jaw couldn't open but its only for a few minutes and then my jaw will align back to the right position again.
On and off I am experiencing this but I told noone except my loved ones.

So I tried to move my jaw up and down left and right and just couldn't get the alignment back. I couldn't brush my teeth, eat & bite well because my mouth could only open half wide.

On Wednesday, when I woke up hoping that miracles will happen to me, but it didn't.. (I know I sound silly saying that.. =_=)
So I took MC by going to the nearby dentist as I know GP doesn't deal with such cases (I knew it ever since young when my Mum told me about her friend's jaw being dislocated which she went to GP but they do not know the structure of a jawbone, so she ended up going to dentist). Indeed the dentist knows what to do with a lock jaw, but this Dr doesn't know what is wrong with my jaw!
He mention that a lock jaw is whereby the jaw totally got misaligned and it will never close. Whereelse my case is that I can still open and close my mouth but it doesn't open fully.
He recommended me to see a specialist located at Raffles Hospital.

The first thing that cross my mind is "$$$$$ flys away~" as it's definitely very ex to be treated in Raffles Hospital. I ended up paying $20 just for a MC for Wednesday. Pathetic.. =_= But $10 out of total is claimable from my company.

On Thursday I went to google and find other dentists and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons numbers. I called Changi Hospital & Alexandra Hospital and their appointment dates are like 16 Aug or Sept! *Dies*
Hence, I have no other choice but to call Raffles to book appointment under Dr Adrain Yap. Immediately I got a slot on Friday morning 9.45am. I was thinking 'Surely this Dr must have charged very high hence his slots are mostly empty.. keke..'

This morning (Friday) I went down to Raffles Hospital Level 13 Dental department. I was the 2nd person in queue. Very quick, I was sent into a X-Ray room to take X-ray of my jaw.

The nurse put on a very heavy apron thingy onto my shoulders and ask me to stand under a machine with a revolving head.

(Similar machine to: )

Standing up, my chin rest on a small cushion, teeth biting onto a stick wrapped with plastic (smells so plastic! Bleh!), hands holding onto 2 handles like I'm driving an airplane. I felt so alien standing there doing the pose with that heavy apron/jacket!. The nurse went out of the room and the machine started to count down with a nice lady robotic voice. It told me to close my eyes and the revolving head started to give out a... revolving sound. You know, like those in the movie where they have high-tech scanning facility and stuffs..

Images of a naked human lying on a bed going through a round tunnel with red laser scanning onto him flashes through my mind.. hahax~
After the revolving head stopped turning, the nurse came in and I'm called into the 2nd room where I met PROFESSOR Adrian Yap. (I think he had upgraded from DR. eh?)

He was very professional, but he sound more like a mental health counselor than a Surgeon or TMJ Consultant... to me. hahax~ He kept repeatedly saying "Welcome Home" and I was like... Home? o_O
I guess its just his trick to get his patients relax and don't get too freaked out when he tell them the truth about their jaw problems.
I told him my side of story about how I think I got this jaw problem (known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder "TMJ Disorder") and then he told me his side of story on how the jaw and muscles are connected and why I often have headache and ear ringing sounds.. NOW i know why!!!
You can read more here: http://www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com/ImgCont/884/solution-to-a-jaw-problem.pdf (the man in the pic is Prof. Adrain)
& here: http://www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com/dental/our-services/headache-treatment.aspx

Picture in here (http://catalog.nucleusinc.com/enlargeexhibit.php?ID=2441) shows how the muscles and the jaw are connected. If you have jaw problems, the pain will go to the muscles around the jaw and then lead to the side of the heads (where your side temples are). I think that is why the reason my side temples are always hurting!
When you clench your teeth, you will feel the muscles moving infront of your ears and on side temples. Both of these are connected together & are also the places where you often massage to relax the muscles.
This page clearly shows how the disk at the jaw joint works (http://www.chiro.org/rc_schafer/Monograph_13.shtml) When Prof. Adrain show me a similar pic to this, I can feel my heart racing.. I always knew how important the disks are to us but I didn't know the jaw disk is so easily damaged as like the kneecaps and the spine. But thinking back, our jaw is one of the most frequently used joint in our body, so it is logical that the first disk to spoil should be the jaw's.
I can don't walk and don't stand, but I cannot live without opening my jaw to eat my food! *DARN it...*

But yet again, this might also become an opportunity for me not to eat too much hard, fried food and slim down... (trying to think positively.. =_=" sigh~)

He break down a TO DO list for me on the spot:
1st, fix my jaw back (no charges he said).
2nd, mould out a bite splint now, as he said I have no other choices already. If I don't do it now, I will have to go for surgery in future when problem arises again. Told me the splint cost $700 ever since 15 years back till today never change. (I was like OMG $700!!!!!!~~~ >0<~~ Splint pic: http://www.frankjdimaurodmd.com/services/tmj_therapy.html)
3rd, wear the splint every night for the rest of my life (the words "for the rest of my life~~~life~~~life~~~life~~~" echoed in my ears again & again... *dances to 2pm song*)
4th, try anyways to relax my muscles, not to clench my teeth, take soft foods etc
5th, in future when jaw is ok, I should consider to remove my wisdom tooth.. (Ha. ha.. h... ^v^"")

He also mentioned that if my stress level is very high at my workplace, its better to think of changing my job. OTL||| I want to cry already I tell u! ~:>,<:~
And most importantly, I must get enough sleep because lesser sleep increases stress to muscles and that will lead too all kinds of problems, not only the jaw.. Ok, I admit that I really sleep too little. I will TRY... my.... best.... *twitch*

He then started moulding the splint by putting in metal plates filled with blue gluey-rubber-plastic thingy into my mouth. To both upper and lower jaw.

Lastly, he's going to perform magical trick with my jaw.. He sprayed something super icy cold water on my right jaw and it HURTS! Its like slicing my skin with sharp pointed ice....sticks! I think that is suppose to numb the jaw but it felt more like trying to distract my feel while he grab on my upper teeth with his left fingers and his right fingers on my bottom teeth and PULL!
.... And that's it.
I went "HUH?" (I only know he pulled my lower jaw outwards but there wasn't any feeling or sound at all!)
He said, "does it hurt?"
I said "Nope.. no feeling..." But my right cheeks still hurts a little from that spray.
I tried opening my jaw, he took a ruler to measure the distance from upper to lower teeth and said, "see now its wider". However I can still feel the pain when I open too wide and wasn't able to open fully like I used to. I asked him why.
He said "You don't expect a sprained ankle to heal on the day it gets treatment, right?"
Okkk... i totally understand but I just had to always hope for miracles to happen when I go through any treatments (just like when I go for a facial, I hope my skin turns out radiant and flawless when I see the mirror but its not. ~=_=~ yah, go ahead and laugh at me..)

He assured me that my mouth can open wider now, I just had to give it some time.. He showed me other patient's X-rays and said that my case is better than theirs because some of them totally had no more disk and their lower jaw was slanted sideways! SCARY! He said most of these patients are very young, one who is 31 yrs old female already had slanted jaw.. OMG... *heart pounding* (i did remember clearly seeing some people who have slanted jaw issues but I always tot they are born to be like that!)
The splint given to me is for lifetime. So $700 divides a lifetime isn't that bad really, unless I bite too hard and break it, he said. (Ha..ha..h... ^v^")
It won't give cure but it help to prevent the disk from slipping again, provided that I do my self-care for TMJ everyday.

The experience was superb with Prof. Adrian and I also got a berry wonderful bill that cost $920.20!
No way I can claim from insurance after I called my agent and Raffles hospital doesn't allow deduction from Medisave as its not a surgery. DARN! I just had to ask my company to check what's the max amount i can claim from the total bill.. Gahh....
Anyways I paid half the sum and the other half of the bill I shall pay it up after I got my salary.

When I always try to save money for certain purposes, I ended up using it up for emergencies. What is going on with my life!! ~\(>0<)/~ *stretches hands up to the sky*
Humans always tend to blame the god instead of themselves when it comes to this. =_= Pathetic...

I was scheduled a follow-up appointment on the 18th August to collect the splint, exactly a day after the Hair colour seminar. Without the splint, I'd to survive another 1 & half week.. I hope my jaw won't jam up again before that!
Talking about beauty, jaw is also one of its aspects!

*stucks mouth full of cotton pads & goes to sleep*

A random dream...

Kinda need to blog this down otherwise I might forgotten about it... Although its not really a big deal, but I would really wish one day I get to see the person in real! ^.^

I felt rather embarrassed talking about this kinda of dream since I'm already a Mrs. hahhax~
Don't mind me, sometimes a girl still need a world of her own having a perfect love life in her dreams. It doesn't mean I am unhappy with my real love life, but it is VERY different when it comes to a love life you always dreamt about.

Isn't it true for you too?

Before I continue, I just wanted to say that long ago during schooling days, I had dreams of myself with a guy who wear specs, has short normal black hair, height shorter than me, a little nerdy (unlike those stylish guys whom I always liked to see or drools about). And in those dreams where this guy appeared, I always had this feeling that we were bonded, but I never could see how he looked like in my dreams.

And now the love of my life DOES look like him. Infact, too much like him that I can't really believe it... But I HAD to believe because its happening to me! NOW! I mean really!
But to compare my past dreams of him and the current him,I would say there are much difference.
In dreams, they are Always so romantic, and in real life.... SOMETIMES it feels romantic. hahhax~ Gota admit it! Nothing is always perfect in real life! XD~

Anyways, back to the main topic...

One of the night (forgotten which day) I dreamt that I was in an airport, kinda feeling sad..
(I probably had forgotten the first half of it already since the dream was few days back, so I shall start at the part I still remembered!)
I walked down an escalator and then stood around there, looking out to the sky through the long glass windows alone..
The sun was so bright, it was so glaring to look at. But I still looked and looked at the sky..

Suddenly someone from behind walks up, and stood beside me. His left arm wrapped around my waist and gave me a little squeeze. I was looking up at him (Yes! UP! Cos he's so tall!) and he smiled. Then he pointed out to the sky and then we both looked towards the sky again.
He was smiling so brightly, like telling me that there is nothing to worry about, be happy, the sky is shining brightly for me (so is his teeth! XD~)
My heart went doki doki! Ohhhh I LOVVEEEEE that feeling, happening once again to me! Just like when I'm reading my Shoujo manga! (Nowadays, hardly can have that feeling in real life except when you just started to see the person u love)

And then, My phone Rang! I woke from my dreams with a start, it was at the exact time where I was staring at the sky in my dream! Oh gosh... if it rang earlier, I might know who he is already! Phew~

Well now, guess who that man was? Hmmm.. if you are my close friend, you might be able to guessed who he is as he's one of the artiste whose in a Korean pop band that I'm currently obsessed with.. He's rather famous for his nice body and... protruding teeth. XD~

He is none other than Taec Yeon from 2PM!!!! AHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!~~ TAEC!!!!

Infact, when I was waking up that time, I thought about the whole scenario again, I was asking myself... Why Taec? Why isn't it ChanSung or Nichkhun??

Initially I liked Chansung alot when I was watching the Wild Bunny and the dance practices that the group was doing. He's so cute when he gets lazy.. (Like me! but i'm not cute.. hahax~) He looks so sluggish when he do his dances, kinda make me feel like pinching him to wake him up. XD~
And I like when he did the Dirty Eye Girls dance and when he was showing a very shy look infront of the camera doing the dirty dance! OMG~ >,< So cute!!~

After awhile, I kinda like all the other guys as well, like I said, Taec really has great body out of all the guys, so does nichkhun (na's handsome Thai prince. Hhahax!)
To me Taec's rap wasn't really very appealing to my ears, but after sometime, I accepted it as their band's signature rap. =p (Dun kill me fangirls!) ChanSung's rap wasn't really fluent too but still acceptable, but Taec's one is really very signature! His voice cannot be missed even if you never hear their songs before!

Nothing much to say about Nichkhun.. He's hot AND cute at the same time.. XD~

And then Wooyoung is so cute with the blur and innocent look! *pinch wooyoung's cheeks*
Junsu & Junho is cute too, I prefered them to be together cos they are cuter when they do silly stuffs together! XD
Lastly, Jaebum (the pink grandpa who's not in the band anymore) is SUPER SUPER Funi and cute! He's the entertainer of the group! (Sadded that now the wild bunny stopped showing already! =((( )

Anyways, that's all for the dream.. I hope I could dream of ChanSung and Nichkhun perhaps? XD
Now I looking forward to watching more vids of Shinee's Taemin and Minho and hopefully they could appear in my dream as well.. Hohohohoo~ *drools*