March 9th, 2013



I'm always lazy. But I think I learnt to become smarter than some people because I want to get the shortest, simplest route out of everything AND get the same results. Lolx~
And so... being the lazy me (& kiasu me) I kinda 'invented' a new method of cheating by writing answers on foolscap paper the day before tests, by using the MICRO-LIGHT writing method using mechanical pencil with leads that's in lightest possible shade. Its super tiny and light and if view from a certain distance, you can't even see the writings on the paper. Unless you are super close like 10-15cm away from the paper.
Uhhh.. i know i shouldn't say this but well.. this was already like 20 years ago thing? Lolx~ And i guess nowadays everyone do tests on computers and not on foolscap papers anymore yah? Like what Ryan Higa says, I'm not trying to get everyone to cheat, UNLESS you are lazy AND smart. Otherwise DON'T CHEAT. Lolx!~
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