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3-4 July 2010 Cosfest IX - Let's Make Friends! (Day1+2)

YEAH! Its Cosfest again! How many cosfest had I went through after all these years i wonder... hmmm...I think I have infact went through all the 9 cosfest, but in the middle skipping a few of them during my schooling days as I'm too busy.. Cosfest had infact gotten better and better, inviting more international cosplayers in for the competitions.
This year's Cosfest Day 1 event was not very packed as like the usual, maybe because of the rain? We are all expecting more crowds on Day 2!

And here, I will be posting all the pictures which I took for both Day 1 & Day 2! =D


Another pic to show how low the front V cut was for Rykiel's costume....... OMG (Touches Chest) ♡♡♡ >_< ♡♡♡

After all the walking around, photo taking, shrieking, hugging, jumping... etc etc.. Wendi and me went to Xrys belated birthday gathering at the nearby Acia restaurant (a korean-japanese-chinese fusion food). We were very disappointed with their service and their booking system. Xrys called to book 30 seaters but when we went there, the waitress said, we need to wait, its first come first served. Say WAT?!!!! Is it because they didn't charge any booking fee so we were treated just like the customers who queued outside?
Then what is this BOOKING system for then? Luckily, their restaurant (it does not look like a restaurant, more like fast food res) manager came to salvage the situation. Or otherwise we would have complaint to their higher authority or whoever it is. =_=
However food wise, its still OK, not really great but satisfying enough for so many hungry souls out there after all the tiring cosplaying.

Lastly, a picture of the members (doing the 3 fingers sign) in our upcoming (big?) cosplay project. We were all so excited!!!
Someone added on, "We looked like some Opera singer who just changed out of our costumes"
I had a good laugh at that statement. Cos you can see our makeup are so thick and wearing plain clothes.. Its like when passer-by sees you, they go "⊙⌂⊙ HUH..URGH!!!"

Top: Sakana, Noshuu, Wendi, mi
Bottom: Yuanie, Xrys, Hoshi, Ringo
2 disappearing from this pic: Nessa & Selphie


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