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A random dream...

Kinda need to blog this down otherwise I might forgotten about it... Although its not really a big deal, but I would really wish one day I get to see the person in real! ^.^

I felt rather embarrassed talking about this kinda of dream since I'm already a Mrs. hahhax~
Don't mind me, sometimes a girl still need a world of her own having a perfect love life in her dreams. It doesn't mean I am unhappy with my real love life, but it is VERY different when it comes to a love life you always dreamt about.

Isn't it true for you too?

Before I continue, I just wanted to say that long ago during schooling days, I had dreams of myself with a guy who wear specs, has short normal black hair, height shorter than me, a little nerdy (unlike those stylish guys whom I always liked to see or drools about). And in those dreams where this guy appeared, I always had this feeling that we were bonded, but I never could see how he looked like in my dreams.

And now the love of my life DOES look like him. Infact, too much like him that I can't really believe it... But I HAD to believe because its happening to me! NOW! I mean really!
But to compare my past dreams of him and the current him,I would say there are much difference.
In dreams, they are Always so romantic, and in real life.... SOMETIMES it feels romantic. hahhax~ Gota admit it! Nothing is always perfect in real life! XD~

Anyways, back to the main topic...

One of the night (forgotten which day) I dreamt that I was in an airport, kinda feeling sad..
(I probably had forgotten the first half of it already since the dream was few days back, so I shall start at the part I still remembered!)
I walked down an escalator and then stood around there, looking out to the sky through the long glass windows alone..
The sun was so bright, it was so glaring to look at. But I still looked and looked at the sky..

Suddenly someone from behind walks up, and stood beside me. His left arm wrapped around my waist and gave me a little squeeze. I was looking up at him (Yes! UP! Cos he's so tall!) and he smiled. Then he pointed out to the sky and then we both looked towards the sky again.
He was smiling so brightly, like telling me that there is nothing to worry about, be happy, the sky is shining brightly for me (so is his teeth! XD~)
My heart went doki doki! Ohhhh I LOVVEEEEE that feeling, happening once again to me! Just like when I'm reading my Shoujo manga! (Nowadays, hardly can have that feeling in real life except when you just started to see the person u love)

And then, My phone Rang! I woke from my dreams with a start, it was at the exact time where I was staring at the sky in my dream! Oh gosh... if it rang earlier, I might know who he is already! Phew~

Well now, guess who that man was? Hmmm.. if you are my close friend, you might be able to guessed who he is as he's one of the artiste whose in a Korean pop band that I'm currently obsessed with.. He's rather famous for his nice body and... protruding teeth. XD~

He is none other than Taec Yeon from 2PM!!!! AHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!~~ TAEC!!!!

Infact, when I was waking up that time, I thought about the whole scenario again, I was asking myself... Why Taec? Why isn't it ChanSung or Nichkhun??

Initially I liked Chansung alot when I was watching the Wild Bunny and the dance practices that the group was doing. He's so cute when he gets lazy.. (Like me! but i'm not cute.. hahax~) He looks so sluggish when he do his dances, kinda make me feel like pinching him to wake him up. XD~
And I like when he did the Dirty Eye Girls dance and when he was showing a very shy look infront of the camera doing the dirty dance! OMG~ >,< So cute!!~

After awhile, I kinda like all the other guys as well, like I said, Taec really has great body out of all the guys, so does nichkhun (na's handsome Thai prince. Hhahax!)
To me Taec's rap wasn't really very appealing to my ears, but after sometime, I accepted it as their band's signature rap. =p (Dun kill me fangirls!) ChanSung's rap wasn't really fluent too but still acceptable, but Taec's one is really very signature! His voice cannot be missed even if you never hear their songs before!

Nothing much to say about Nichkhun.. He's hot AND cute at the same time.. XD~

And then Wooyoung is so cute with the blur and innocent look! *pinch wooyoung's cheeks*
Junsu & Junho is cute too, I prefered them to be together cos they are cuter when they do silly stuffs together! XD
Lastly, Jaebum (the pink grandpa who's not in the band anymore) is SUPER SUPER Funi and cute! He's the entertainer of the group! (Sadded that now the wild bunny stopped showing already! =((( )

Anyways, that's all for the dream.. I hope I could dream of ChanSung and Nichkhun perhaps? XD
Now I looking forward to watching more vids of Shinee's Taemin and Minho and hopefully they could appear in my dream as well.. Hohohohoo~ *drools*
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