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Dreams that I forgotten and it came back...

It seems that I often woke up with dreams still vivid in my mind but after few minutes I could totally forgot about it. It happened to almost all of my dreams.. hmm =\

But of cos, I dun dream everyday otherwise I'll feel so restless during work.. Everytime I dreamt, I felt that my mind is working even though I'm sleeping, so when I woke up in the day, i feel that my brain is so tired, doesn't feel like working no matter how much coffee I drank. =_="

Yesterday I dreamt a long dream... (The day that I slept till 4pm) I know its very long and the storyline was juicy, but I just couldn't recall until today!! But i only remembered parts of it. Here goes...


I'm in a high class hotel function room, talking to a man who is very secretive... He's talking and hiding something from me. I felt that I wanted to figure something out from his conversation but couldn't.
Next scene, I saw him doing something suspiciously in one of the hotel room... did something to his daughter.. but i couldn't make out what actually happened (I meant that I'd forgotten about this part, but I know that in my dream, I saw and remembered what he was doing).

And then, I was a big boss of the gangster world. It felt great.. I was kinda wearing long furry cape that reached down to the floor in red and blacks and I felt that I'm overly dressup but it was good because I'm the big lady boss! hahax!~ I walked with wind. I was together with a bunch of big bosses walking infront of me to a gangster meeting and a few guards wearing black shades & suits were standing around looking at us with heads bowed and apparently, they were all bald.. o_O" 

One of the guard told me something like he didn't expected me to be the lady boss, he thought I was just a normal woman. He was awed. So I kinda guessed that I might had been wearing normal clothes during my investigation of that secret, met this guard who didn't know about me... and then BOOMX, I appeared infront of him as lady boss who he's serving!  (^_^" kinda lame... but it felt shiok! Muahahx~)

The meeting with the other male bosses (I think I'm the only lady boss there) were held in the same hotel, but we're just standing at the lobby talking to each other... I think we were all after 1 thing (I forgotten what it was! urgh!), we were discussing about that thing and mentioned about the secretive man whom I met.

Then, I appeared to KNOW the secret and I'm moving towards one of the hotel room, with the bunch of bosses behind me and I kinda put my hand into this cabinet and took out something.. (WHAT IS IT!?!?!) I felt so excited about it, I knew! 

Suddenly next scene, I was RUNNING! At VERY VERY FAST SPEED! I'm running on the road with all the ground level shops & stores flashing past my right view, so fast that I couldn't even SEE the stores apparently! It felt that I had some super natural power and I'm running to chase someone or was it that I'm being chased? Was I running to chase the man holding the thing or was it me being chased because I was holding it? (I had totally lost this part =_=") My heart was racing while I ran in top speed on the road.


And yah, that's all I could remember... SIAN RIGHT??!!! Something so secretive, so exciting and my brain just couldn't remember all of it. *headdesk*

Sometimes I wish there is this gadget where it can record dreams and can playback when you want to watch them.

Dreams are good in a way that they are always very creative, interesting and often out of this world could imagine.
You will never be able to THINK of something as creative as like what your dream could make up. Don't you agree? ^_^

I bet all script/book writers would want to sleep on their job so that their dreams could provide them the best storyline ever! kekekexx~

Do tell me about your dreams! I like when the dreams appeared to be like some drama movie thingy.. =D Its so exciting!

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