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Wow its been 2 years

I had no idea that my last post was 2 years ago (To be exact, 2 years and 4 months)? lolx~ For the past 2 years since I worked in a community club, i had been super duper busy. Busier than a wonder woman who fights crime.
I kinda missed blogging about my life and some nonsense in here... hahhax~ I feel so FREE again to be able to blog here at livejournal where nobody(?) reads it. Unlike what I am now doing, blogging fashion & beauty stuffs at miwitch.blogspot.com (recently moved from miwitch.onsugar.com), its pretty stress when I have too many backlogs to post (kekex~). If you interested, do go click the link! ^_^ Oh yah and miwitch.com is still working! Just that it had become a main domain to link to my beauty blog miwitch.blogspot.com

I'm here also to apologize to all those people who are still coming to my website to shop for sub-culture fashion clothes. I had stopped running the business about 3 years ago since I got so busy with work. I could not reply to some of you as the emails keep coming in and I keep apologizing to everyone.. so somehow I began to ignore the commission requests emails instead of replying them... so so sorry...
*sigh* >,<
But now, I seldom get those emails already.. only probably once a few months..

Anyhoo, tho I stopped doing business, I still like japanese sub-culture fashion and also like other kinds of fashion such as the seapunk fashion, pastel rainbow fashion... I know these kind of dress styles also appear in japanese sub-culture trends but it kinda look different from the western trends. I like both though, I even hope to have both combined if I have the money to get the clothes... and the look to dress in them. lolx~

Its been 3-4 years now since I stopped dressing in sub-culture clothings, I found out that I AGED. (OMG i hate that word..)
I don't look as young as before so the courage to wear the clothes went away with my youth too. I still WANT to dress up like last time, but I will need friends to do it with me otherwise I'll just wear it at events and changed back to normal clothings when I go home. hahhax~

Ok well, that's all for today's ramblings. I hope I can come back soon to blog about my life and the nonsense again! ^_^ ♥
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