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Saw a harsh comment by someone A about someone B.
I guess I can understand why A feels so angry about B. I had same experiences before and I can feel her. Though at the moment when I read A's comment I felt that she's not right to shame B infront of everyone, but after much thoughts... I think I might have also done the same thing too to people last time.
I built my own bizness and through the years I managed to get myself a rather good (or at least I think it was) reputation so I wouldn't want anything else besides my own doing to ruin it. However some would try to use my ideas or buy over from my suppliers or ride on my brand name to sell stuffs for themselves. When I get to know about it, I felt so pissed off, went investigating the matter and put the end to it. And even ended up making people cry and feeling upset.
To be frank I didn't want it to be that way, I'm just angry of people doing things they thought was right and taking advantage of my shop's reputation while not knowing how difficult it was for me to build all these up alone.
Oh well all were the past now. Perhaps I had scarred someone's heart somewhere at that time due to these kind of incidents.. Life still goes on, we learn from mistakes and we learn from other people's mistakes as well.

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