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A Lee Gwangsoo dream

Probably yesterday I was watching running man and laughing too much, so I dreamt of Lee Gwangsoo yesterday night? It felt like I'm still dreaming this morning when I'm about to wake up. Because I tossed and turned in my bed and I kinda saw the room is bright. I returned to sleep and the dream continues.

Well the dream wasn't much. I dreamt that I kinda knew him at a... Party? In a small room with long tables and some chairs.. Doesn't look grand nor does it look like its a party at all. Hmm :/
Anyhoo, I was talking to him and then asked him some questions about how his life nowadays, how's his acting in the drama goes.. I don't seem like I know any of his dramas but I feel like I want to kpo and ask him. Lolx~
Then he replied and asked me which character I'm referring to is it 'X' or 'Y', I was like uh.... X? (See, kpo 的下场)
After some talking, he bite half of a fishball from a stick and told me he need to go off to his hotel, gave me the stick and I just sat there looking silly holding a half eaten fishball stick. (0.o)
I was like waiting, waiting, waiting for him to come back but he didnt. Then I just threw the stick away and I went to find a washroom (cos I suddenly felt an urgency to go!)....
And then I woke up. And I REALLY WANT to go to the toilet! Lolx!!~

Wat a silly dream! But in that dream I kinda feel he's rather good looking! (Actually in real life he is sometimes good looking sometimes ugly. But overall still ok, pretty good to my eyes. lolx~) And he's sitting down most of the time so I didn't really get to feel how tall he is in my dream.
Oh well, I think every week I can try watching RM before I sleep and see if I can dream of all the RM members! Wahaha~ been slightly stressed lately cos I think too much when I got nothing much to do (so free yet so stress! WTH!), so a nice yet silly dream kind of perk me up a little yah? ^_^ if it happens every week I'll be happy happy happy!
Simple things like nice dreams pleasures me~

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