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Scene in kdrama can happen IRL

Recently I watched a kdrama and I wondered what would the actor gain from repeatedly dreaming of an incident tat he had back when he was about 8yrs old? The drama showed him having more detail flashbacks in his dreams. Sometimes ppl would say, well it's just a show.. it's not real.. it won't happen irl.

Well, it just happened to me. I had a dream and in this dream, someone returned me my belongings by throwing them on the ground in random public place. I was rather calm, slowly picking them up one by one. Then I picked up a medium size doctor bag in diamond embossed floral pink fabric, not knowing what was contained inside.

The moment I woke up, I knew what the bag was. A bag tat I have forgotten at least for the past 15 yrs. It was a bag I used to contain my sewing kit and stuffs for nearly a decade back then. I do not know why this bag appeared in my dream. I also realised since I have more time to sleep now, I have alot more dreams than usual..At least 3 dreams in a roll, sometimes more when the dreams appear to be shorter.

So this particular dream just blown my mind... Never will I doubt about the scenes in kdrama anymore...
Tags: dream, good old days, kdrama

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